Top reasons to take up DIY

My friend hates DIY projects and tries to avoid them whenever he can. He’d say, “why bother when you can just buy and use it”. While I admit I’m not much of a handyman, I do try to take up some DIY work ,if it falls within my meagre list of skills. Actually DIY has several benefits. If you are like my friend, here are a few, which I’m sure would convince you that DIY works are not bad after all.

Save money

Well this one is an obvious reason. But I’m not talking about just saving the cost of labor. When you learn to do by yourself, you will be able to understand the little details, and on why a product is expensive, or costs more for its maintenance. If you know this, you can decide on which DIY to take up and the ones you can leave.

You can save money and acquire something that you need significantly. For instance, consider home remodeling. The highest you spend on is toward the home appliances. When you know about the difference between the high end and inexpensive options and understand the working model of the lower priced products, so they are sufficient for your purpose, you can spend less and channel the rest to other important areas of the house.

Learning new things is fun

The satisfaction you gain from completing a project on your own is beyond compare. Last week one of the boards on my deck came loose. My neighbor loaned me a woodworking tool he had bought from for fixing the board. I nailed the board easily and in no time! And I was all smiles when I went to return the tool. DIY can give you satisfaction and fun, provided you spend some time and effort towards it. And for those who have time on hands or for those facing midlife crisis, DIY can be taken as hobby. It is emotionally soothing and makes you excited and happy.

Meet new people

When you are drawn to DIY, it will create an opportunity to meet with likeminded people. It can be the online forums, where you clear your doubts or classes you take up for learning a craft you are sure to meet new people and become friends.

Make money

In addition to saving money, you can also make some. DIY is actually a good way to earn money. When you learn a new skill, you will be able to earn an income on the side and further have a financial backup when your regular day job lets you down. When you are not stressed out about your job, you will gain confidence, be assertive and as a result increase your chances of being promoted.

Retirement benefits

DIY talent is just what the doctor ordered for your retirement. Yes, you can use DIY expertise to increase your income and reach your financial goals faster, so you can retire much earlier than planned. Even if you don’t earn an income out of your DIY skill, you can use it to make your retirement time enjoyable.

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