Log Splitting: A Rewarding Strength Training

If there’s anything I don’t like about gym workouts, it’s the monotony of the routines. I’m not saying that all routines are boring but there are some that I find uninteresting. Perhaps, the most boring of all routines is strength training. That’s why, every now and then, I incorporate new routines.

Among the different strength training routines I’ve done, I found log splitting to be the most energizing, effective and manly. Well, I’m not talking about using a log splitter to chop your firewood. If you are looking for a mechanical log splitter, you better for more accurate advice about different log splitter machines and models. What I’m talking about is manually splitting a stack of wood using the most primitive tools of man – the axe.

Wood splitting is a full-body workout. It works your arms, core, and back. Aside from strength training, it is also a perfect cardio workout. As you might see, wood splitting is no different from Sledgehammer workout, except that the former is more productive – you actually make your own firewood while working out.

So, how do you go about with wood splitting routine?

  1. Carefully place a log over a larger one in an upright position.
  2. Hold near the end of the maul handle using your non-dominant hand and then place your dominant hand near the maul’s head.
  3. Lift the maul head so that it is well above your head.
  4. Swing down. While swinging down, slide your dominant hand down the shaft for more concentrated force.
  5. Hit the log at its center. Add more strength to the maul as it completely splits the wood.
  6. Continue with another log.
  7. Make sure to switch your hand placement throughout the session, so that all your muscles are worked out.

No other workouts can be as rewarding as splitting logs. If you’ve already split all logs in your backyard, you can check with your neighbors if you can split their logs too. I guess, they’d be happy to save a few dollars running a gas log splitter (click this link to see how much they could save on gas.) If you’re lucky, you can even win yourself a bottle of wine or some treats.

If there’s one problem with this workout, it’s that you should never run out of log supply. In case you’ve split all the logs in your home and in your neighborhood, you might want to look for a local log ‘factory’ or manufacturer. Or if there’s none, you can just get back to the gym and wait until you have new logs to split.

If you’re bored with the all-too-common workout routines, you can experiment on variety of productive activities. Incorporate them into your strength trainings and you’d definitely feel more rewarded and satisfied after sweating out.

Your body deserves a break too. Our muscles simply love variety!

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