Healthier Gift Ideas for the Season of Giving

With the season of gift-giving fast approaching, perhaps you’re already thinking about perfect gift ideas. Instead of going for the all too common and ubiquitous digital gadgets, such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops, it may be best to consider ‘healthy’ gift items.

Yes, organic produce, health supplements and other similar stuff are great, but these gift items would appeal only to grown-ups – not youngsters. For kids and kids-at-heart, you may want to consider gadgets, items and stuff that would promote physical activity. Those items that would encourage young people to walk, run, and stay in the outdoors instead of leading a sedentary life. While looking for an item that fits the bill, I’ve come across  – this website has some nice reviews about different these flying crafts. And these quadcopters seems to meet my requirements.

Quadcopters are best played in the outdoors. They require its users to roam around while remotely operating the aircraft. Unlike playing on computer games, quadcopters lets its users experience the real thing. You’ll have to move around and sweat and spend more time outside. It’s tremendously fun and healthy – without you knowing it. You can list quadcopter as one of the possible gifts this coming Christmas. And what’s great about these toys is that teens, youngsters (and even the grown-ups) will love them.

There are many other games and stuffs that promote the outdoors. A starter camping kit might inspire a teen to go hiking or camping. Perhaps, they have long been dreaming about embarking on an adventure but just haven’t been able to because they lack equipment. Other gift ideas that promote physical activity for the young include badminton/volleyball set, portable ping-pong, bow and arrow set, Frisbee and other outdoor toys. If you want this Christmas to be a little grander, you can go for a mountain bike, a full camping gear, hunting kit, archery set, longboard, surfboard, and others.

The DJI Phantom Quadcopter is actually a nice gift idea for both teens and young adults. Check out this review to see what I’m talking about. It’s got some nice specs that will certainly make its new owner want to play with it more often. By sending out such healthy gifts, you actually help them stay healthier (of course, that’s assuming that they’d use it for the right purpose.)

Finally, no matter what item you choose for the person you’re giving your gift to, you have to consider what they like and don’t like. If an active outdoor stuff is something they repulse or something that is completely out of their radar, then it may be wise to just go for a less healthy one. Gift them with what delights their heart but it won’t hurt to give them a healthy one!

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