Handle Your The Stress and Enjoy Life

Success is the forbidden fruit all thrives for. Forbidden? Well, no matter how much we hang our tongues in its eager await, success almost always come with something asking against it. It may be something materialistic and that could be if met with and then only you could taste the sweet wine of success.

But if the ransom in return for the success is something more intense like, for example,  your personal happiness and a part and portion of your me time or family time then the sweet harmonious soothing instrument of success is no more as soothing as it should have been. Thus the ideas of being successful and the state of being successful are two different things that should be dealt with very carefully and with acute intensity. It is one of those fruits which you have desire for a long time but when you actually eat it causes you immense e pain and you can’t swallow it and again you can’t spit it out since you have so dearly wanted it for so long and worked so hard for. What a dilemma it is!

But people who could cope up with success and failures at the same time can only call himself a true human being as he or she possess the rightful qualities that one must possess to lead an ideal life. It was well expressed in the poem, “If” by Rudyard Kipling, where he said, ‘If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster. And treat those two impostors just the same;’ and truly that is how one should treat the stress of them all.

Stress is a very important part of our lives. It is a necessary evil. We need it in times when a work in need to be completed and in some specific small amount of time.  And these times stress acts as the motivator who pushes you the brink and makes it sure that you work hard and make the best of that time and opportunity by bringing out the best in you. But in other times the stress of some other matters really worries you and takes you to cliff edge where you are alone and desperate and this desperation makes you to commit things that you are really not the type to do. But in both the cases stress takes a toll on your health. Whichever way it might work it works against the normalcy of your body and does everything to keep yourself not health and fit.

There are many a ways to relief stress. Get yourself a hobby. Just visit and get yourself an instrument to play in your leisure and you make sure you have your leisure. Take time out and do yoga and meditation. Do gardening and give yourself and the plants in your garden and in your window shelf a whole new way to look into life. Surely this will add life and green to you as well.

There are many more ways to relief stress. You just need to find out your best way and hit it. Life will turn into something more beautiful.

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