Bouncing to Better Health

The exercises people are coming up with these days are kind of crazy sometimes. Sometimes the old, proven methods work the best, and physical fitness and exercise is a field where that “sometimes” becomes a “most of the time”. Today we want to talk about bouncing to better health with the use of trampolines. Not only is it fun to sail through the air while bouncing on a trampoline, but each of those impacts with the springy surface works wonders on the muscles of the legs. Each landing is a moment of brief, intense exercise for the leg muscles before bouncing back into the air.

The thing about trampolines is, while they offer a good way to work out a person’s legs, the exercise is about as low-impact as an exercise can get. Just think about it for a minute. Imagine jumping from a standing position, dropping about 3 meters and sticking the landing on your feet. You might just break both of your ankles (if you’re lucky), or do far worse damage to your legs and spine. That’s because of the sudden impact at the bottom of the drop. When bouncing on a trampoline, you get to work your muscles without breaking any bones or knocking vertebrae out of alignment.

As anyone who has ever fallen off of a trampoline will tell you, they aren’t totally safe. There does still exist some potential for injury, but that comes from irresponsible use, and how many pieces of exercise or fitness equipment won’t hurt you if you don’t follow the proper safety precautions while using them? Don’t bother trying to answer that question. Instead, have a look at, where you can learn much more about trampolines, including which trampoline might be best for you considering your age and fitness level, as well as other factors, like weight.

Bouncing on a trampoline is a great way to develop the muscles in the legs which are used when jumping, leaping and bounding. But it’s also an excellent way to learn how to fall without actually falling on a hard surface that would hurt you. Tumbling, rolling, landing on your backside and other moves can all be learned from and practiced while jumping on a trampoline. If you don’t believe it, just check here for more information about different brands, reviews and a handful of tips to consider when shopping for trampolines, including which ones are best for exercise.

While it’s possible to bounce your way to better health, not everyone is fit to climb onto a trampoline and start jumping. Before taking up any new exercise regimen or working with new equipment you haven’t used before, it might be best to consult with your doctor and see if you’re healthy enough for strenuous physical activity first. This is just a safety precaution, meant to keep you from hurting yourself so you can have a good time with your trampoline, rather than get hurt and end up hating the thing. Just remember, the trampoline is only one option; many other choices are available after all.

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