Are our lives becoming shorter?

Ever wonder about the longevity our lives? How old can a person live? What is the eligible age for death? How do we determine which is the appropriate time to call it off; call it a day and just die? These questions are very essential yet very seldom asked. May be because there are no solid answers for these questions, and that is why we are reluctant to just stick to our questions. Since there are no definitive answers to these queries we often just stop asking them for good. For the question or the problem does not die with just us shutting up. It lingers in our brains and will always do until we find what our mind and heart seeks for.

Mortality has always been a threat to human kind. Man has always been in the earnest desire to beat death at its own game and gain victory over mortality. In this quest of immortality many have lost their all. Immortality has taken many lives and all that was dear to the seeker. In this grand quest many have taken paths which included ways and means that were not at all ethical. But once you get the dose of the drugs called beating death and living forever, who cares about ethics? One may just get their very own ultimate and powerful weapon from ArbalistZone and go on for a killing party. But these weapons are invented for being neither such inhuman destruction machine nor the idea of immortality is. The both ideas are just impractical.

But through the ages people in their quest to win victory over death they have sacrificed many lives. In the name of irrational practices of witchcraft, voodoo, and so on mad men have just swept blood everywhere they could. But the idea of immortality is as impractical as it ever could be even in this technologically advanced age. Men are to die. But we can increase the longevity of our lives and live extra few years or even a decade more if we live and follow a healthy lifestyle. Not all things we follow to live our lives is as practical or as healthy as they sound. We often get lured by the advertisements and the endorsements in different electronic and print media and get to the aisles in the supermarkets and grab stuffs that are much harm causing to our health and are not at all healthy or fit as they promise it to be. They are all stuffed with chemicals and genetically engineered things.

We must go for natural stuffs are they are much healthier options to opt for. They are the reasons why people from the earlier days or those living in rural area live longer than us. Because they are neither exposed to the unhealthy and unethical things like packed foods which are there just to fool us in buying them and make profits for the big companies nor they are exposed to the high level of pollutions that we experience. Air, water and soil pollution as well as noise pollution with the pollution in our day to day things has made our lives much shorter than usual.

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