7 Gentlemanly Things To Do While Your Girlfriend Got Her Period

No man can ever relate to the hormonal changes and physical sensations that a woman experiences during her monthly period. Sure men experience occasional fever and body aches but that’s nothing compared to what women endure when they got mens – and this happens every month. Having said that, here are a few things a gentleman can do to make her girlfriend feel less miserable while having her menstrual period.

  1. Be ready for changes in her behavior and never blame her on her period. Blaming is not only unnecessary; it can also make her feel angry and frustrated. Worse, it might cause disagreements.
  2. Bring her comfort foods/snacks. Some women may have cravings for certain foods. Know her favorite foods and surprise her with these. It is more thoughtful if you already know what she wants even without having to ask her. This is surely a plus point for you.
  3. Be extra patient. Hormonal changes can cause her to be irrational and unpredictable. Try to understand what she might be going through instead of simply brushing aside her behavioral changes.
  4. Treat her out to whatever she likes. Get ready to make compromises as you want to please her during such a horrible period. For example, if she has been asking you to watch a movie or a play, now may be the perfect time. Give her a few moments to forget about her menstruation. At the same time, you can know her better.
  5. Bring her menstrual supplies. It may feel awkward buying your girl’s napkin or reusable menstrual pads, but having the courage to do it can be the most thoughtful thing a guy can do. If you are unsure about stuff like reusable menstrual pads, you can check out Top Ladies Secret for useful information.
  6. OTC pain medications like Midol or Advil are probably what most women will need during this time. She’ll definitely find it thoughtful if you can bring her.
  7. If she doesn’t want a night out, you can spend the night in your home. Some women might feel irritable or just too lazy to go out during their period. So, instead of asking her out, bring in some pizzas or cook her favorite dinner. Spend time for movies, games, puzzles, or whatever stuff she wants at home.
  8. Be extra attentive. Different women have different ways of dealing with their period. Some women want a great deal of affection and company, while others simply want to be alone. There are also some who prefer somewhere in between. Be attentive to what your girlfriend wants and be ready to give it to her.

Last thing: when your girl is going through her monthly period, treat her as if she’s a princess! Pamper her and she’ll definitely fall for you more.

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